Miami Burial at Sea: Scattering of Ashes

The loss of a loved one is never easy. Bereavement makes for a difficult time for families and those who knew the deceased. Death happens, and sometimes plans have not been put in place. Currently there are many options to put your loved ones to rest.


Memorialized cremation is becoming a popular option over a traditional funeral service. Find closure with a dignified resting place by remembering them at sea. Honor and respect those who have passed by opting for a charter boat burial at sea in Florida.

Protect your family from the pressure to overspend at a time when they are emotionally vulnerable. Honor and remember your loved one in a peaceful and serene atmosphere. We believe in providing this special occasion at a reasonable price.

There are several benefits to using a private boat for scattering of ashes. It allows families to conduct simple personal services at their own convenience. It’s an affordable option that is emotional for families and respectful to the decease. Below is an outline of what you can expect as you embark on this memorable and compassionate journey. It’s about respecting the dead during this emotional experience.


Embark on a journey for your loved one:

(Includes burial at sea in the Atlantic Ocean and a short cruise along the Intracoastal Waterways in Biscayne Bay.)

-Family and friends arrive at Haulover Beach Marina about 15 minutes before the journey begins
-Aboard the vessel, you will be greeted by the captain and first mate.
-Comfort is important to us: pastries, coffee and other refreshments are offered
-You have options: The captain may officiate the service and may ask for a copy of the verse that he will be reciting during the memorial service. You can choose to use music by playing a favorite song of your deceased loved one on an iPod. Also, you may opt to choose classic military taps for veterans.
-The vessel will then depart and travel three or more nautical miles into the Atlantic Ocean.
-Once the vessel comes to a stop, the memorial service can begin for the scattering of ashes in Miami.


Customize this memorable and special occasion:

We understand how important this memorial service is for you and your family. The captain may read a short passage, prayer or poem. Samples will be provided for your selection.You have the option of having a family member or clergy perform the service.

When the Service begins:
-Your family and friends will stand at the stern of the vessel and scatter the ashes in the Atlantic Ocean along with either roses or flowers of choice.
-The Captain will return to the helm and then gently navigate away from the burial site allowing your family and friends to memorialize the vision of this solemn experience.

Upon your return:
-The vessel will make its way north to North Miami Beach’s Haulover Beach Marina.
-On return, the vessel will pass along Sunset and Indian Creek Islands.


Create a Lasting Memory:

With this special service, your family will receive a keepsake certificate of the Burial at Sea in the mail. It includes the latitude and longitude coordinates.


Other Services Available:

A return trip to previous site of prior burial at sea, pet ashes scattering, or Captains service of unattended burial at sea.

Special Notes and Considerations for Your Miami Burial at Sea Service:

While we help you memorialize this dignified occasion, we also have your safety and the environment in mind.

Yacht Charters in Miami will file the necessary notifications with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Due to the nature of the ocean, sea burials must be performed as the sea conditions and weather permit.  Dates and times may be rescheduled if conditions are not fit for your scattering of ashes. USCG regulations state that there is a maximum of 12 guests onboard plus USCG Licensed Captain and First Mate are permitted onboard.

Make your memorial service a memorable and positive one. Visit Yacht Charters in Miami, Inc.  for more information. Also check out what our vessel Princess Chelsea and see what she has to offer including special rates.